Objectives Of Solution

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Essential Question: Do you believe that? (theory explains observations)

Each student will be able to:

MCAS Topics

1. Determine and explain miscibility and dissolving of two subtances using knowledge of IMF.[7.1](7.1)
[Animated Website of Sodium Chloride dissolving in water]

2. Describe the process by which solutes dissolve in solvents.[7.1](7.1)

2. Identify and explain the factors that affect the rate of dissolving, i.e., temperature, concentration, and mixing.[7.2](7.3)

Updated 2006 - (7.2)Calculate concentration in terms of molarity. Use molarity to perform solution dilution and solution stoichiometry.

Beyond MCAS Topics

3. Describe the dynamic equilibrium that occurs in saturated solutions.[7.3]

4. Calculate concentration in terms of molarity, molality, solubility and percent by mass.[7.4]

5. Use a solubility curve to determine saturation values at different temperatures.[7.5]

6. Understand Colligative Properties including calculate the freezing point depression and boiling point elevation of a solution.[7.6](7.4)

7. Write net ionic equations for precipitation reactions in aqueous solutions.[7.7]

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