Review Homework For Mass And 1st Math

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Review Homework for Mass and Significant Figures

Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Use your notes as reference.

1. Explain all phases of the Scientific Method including theory and law and give an example.

2. Define science and chemistry. state the difference between pure and applied scientists.

3. Give the name, location and use of the three safety equipment in the room.

4. Write down the prefix name and symbol and the conversion factor for all the metrix system you have suppose to memorize. (i.e. kilo- (k) 1000m = 1km )

5. Explain the difference from qualitatitve and quantatative observations.

6. Explain the difference between accuracy and precision. Give an example.

7. Explain the signficance of signficant figures (sig figs) and two pieces of information every quantatitive observation provides.

8. Explain the difference between physical and chemical properties including providing examples.

9. Explain the difference between intensive and extensive properties including providing examples.

10. Explain the difference between chemical change (i.e. chemical reaction ) and a physical process. Give me two physical processes and one chemical change.

11. State the four observations for a chemical reaction. (with an example of each)

12. Explain the difference between an element and a compound.

13. Differentiate between a heterogeneous and homogeneous mixture including providing examples.

14. Explain the three difference between a compound and a mixture.

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