Can We Believe Our Eyes Video

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Another video like the Private Universe where the learn actively. I liked the quite that one teacher said that it is not hand-on learning that works but heads-on (meaning hands-on with thinking) learning that work. This is very true in the high school setting where student are developing their own like and dislikes. So, even though you may have the best hands-on activities, the student has to want to do learn.

Another part I liked from the video was when they were figuring out the light bulb activity. The teacher said that the "really smart" kids had a hard time at first because they were not give a set of information/formulas to memorize and they were not give answer. We have trained our students to be able to give back the information you give them. We have not trained to question and investigate those question. I think that is why so many student get "good grades" and still don't know what is going on.

As teacher we need to spend more time letting the student figure out things on their own and come up with thought process for themselves. IT will be difficult since we have so much material and so time constrained. It will be slow in changing but I feel that if we start by making a few changes at a time, over time, we can eventually teach centered on what the students thinks instead of what the teacher knows.

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