Letter To Galileo From Her Daughter

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Letter to Galileo from your daughter Maria Celeste

Are your convictions so great that you need to place yourself in this position? I donít understand. Donít you read your Bible and attend church? It says that the earth is the center of the universe. It is the Bible so it must be correct. Why do you let what you see through your self-made devices persuade you to come up with thoughts that are counter to what we all know is truth, the word of God. Should you not believe the written word over what you observe first hand from your own eyes.

Even if what you see is true, could not God have some hidden reason that you canít comprehend to explain why what you see is not what you think but instead follows what is written in the Bible. As you, I often make observations that may not seem to follow the words of the Bible. However, I simply reason that I am not suppose to understand Godís reason for this event to happen. I simply am following what I have been told by the Church throughout all my life.

So the next time I visit, can we speak of common things like family events, current goings on and other trivial matters that do not have to be pondered. I hope one day you come to the realization that your own observations and how you reason them are not the true answer but instead simply follow what has been written for you in the one true source, the Bible. This is my hope and I pray to God you will one day realize this.

Your loving daughter, Maria.

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