Objectives Of Labskills And Measurement I

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Objectives of Labskills and Measurement I (Revised 2020)

Essential Question (EQ1): Are there any basic skills/theory?

The student should be able to:

1. Explain all phases of the Scientific Method including theory and law and give an example.2020-2021 Students DO NOT DO
2. Define chemistry and understand the difference between pure and applied scientists.
3. Know the name, location and use of the safety equipment in the room.
4. Know the safety information from the Safety video.
5. Explain the difference from qualitative and quantitative observations.
6. Explain the difference between accuracy and precision.
7. Explain the significance of significant figures (sig figs) and two pieces of information every quantitative observation provides.
8. Determine the number of sig figs for any measure (the person is making the measurement)
9. Determine the sig fig from a quantitative observation someone else determined (you are looking at someone else's data)
10. Calculate both add/subtract and/or multiply/divide of sig figs.
11. Use scientific notation in calculations.
12. Memorize metric system base units.
13. Memorize prefix and their symbol and conversion factors in the Metric system. (2020-2021 Students DO NOT DO on this test)
14. Be able to calculate Density problems, no converting of unit required. ( NOT 2020-2021 Honors)
15. Know and be able to calculate Error and percent error. Also, explain meaning of both. (2020-2021 Students DO NOT DO)

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