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Boston Globe, July 25, 1994 (from NewsBank InfoWeb)


The article talks about a author, E D Hirsh, Jr that says that our elementary students need to know 442 science items before they get to junior high school. Chet Raymo (author of article) says that is too much and that he thinks that all elementary school science curriculum should have 5 concepts only 1)Scale of Universe, 2)Dynamic Earth, 3)A model of the DNA in every class, 4)teach evolution including all dinosaurs and Common Knowledge (thinks that kids can explore and find out. That is it in Raymo's mind. I would agree with him. I think that we try to inform the students with too much information. Limit the material but make it fundamental concepts that are the basis of all science knowledge. Since I am a physical science teacher (chemistry teacher) I would add Conservation of mass and energy and everything is made of small things. If they can understand taht, I can take that student and get more specific and technical and go further. But without that fundamental knwoledge, I am just an english teacher that speaks science. I don't want to be that teacher, ever.

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