What Children Gain By Learning Through Inquiry

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Reflection on Reading

"Inquiry is at once a practical and an intellectual activity." It is an extension of our curiosity of our physical surroundings and how we interact with it. I believe that their must be a basic set of knowledge that can be given to the learner. This basis does not have to be obtained through inquiry but further knowledge should be obtain through inquiry. True inquiry is time intensive. The current educational system (especially with MCAS) emphasizes a set of knowledge. Therefore, it can be very challenging to have a concepts obtained through true inquiry. So, in my class, I try to have a true inquiry laboratory experience periodically placed in the teacher/book directed laboratory experiences. This inquiry experience usually are reserved for main concepts that span several chapter/concepts. In this way, I can take the time needed to do a through inquiry into the concept. In addition, each new concept that uses the "inquiry" concept as its basis is an opportunity to revisit the inquiry that was done. Thereby, using the inquiry experience to show how the new concept is an extension of the inquiry experience.

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