One Step Mole Problems For Elements - Mixed

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Chemistry - One Step Mole Problem for Elements - Mixed Mass/number

Answer the following using the appropriate equation or using dimensional analysis. Show all work, cancel units, etc.

1. How many atoms of Rb in 32.0 moles of Rb?

2. If I weighed out 12.61 grams of Ba, how many moles of Ba do I have?

3. How many moles Cr, if I have 7.1E19 atoms of Cr?

4. If I want to weighed out 5.06 moles Pb, how many grams Pb do I need to weigh out?

Answer: 1) 1.93E25 atom Rb 2)0.09204 mole Ba 3) 1.2E-4 mole Cr 4)1.05E3g Pb

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