2022-2023 Christmas Molarity Kool-Aid Solution Lab

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You will be making a Molarity solution of Kool-Aid. You are going to assume (BAD ASSUMPTION) that the volume of the solvent (H2O1) is the same as the volume of the solution (sol'n).

You will use 133mL as the volume of the solution (top "rib" of plastic cup).

We will assume that the Kool-Aid is all sugar, actually sucrose (C12H22O11).


1) Put the plastic cup on the electronic balance and "zero it out" (also called Tare).
2) Get 1 teaspoon of Kool-Aid mix (and level it with a wooden stirring rod).
3) Add Kool-Aid to plastic cup while on scale.
4) Write down the mass of the Kool-Aid.
5) Take plastic cup off scale.
6) Add water until solution level get to the "top rib" on plastic cup.
7) Using a separate wooden stirring rod, mix to make the solution.
8) Either share drinking the solution or add solution into little tasting cup.
9) ALL solutions must be gone and none can be poured down the sink. IF YOU MAKE YOU CONSUME IT
10) Do calculations below show all work.

Data Table:
1) Mass of Kool-Aid mix:
2) Volume of solution (ml):

Show work below or on back to a) Find molar mass of sucrose, b) Moles of sucrose, c) volume of solution, d) Molarity of solution.

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