2024 Honors Kinetics Labs - Questions

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These questions will include Kinetics Demo (Lycopdium combustion reactions) and two Clock lab experiments ([Rate of Reaction - Clock Lab Concentration change] and Rate of Reaction - Clock Lab with Temp Change).

Kinetics Demo (Lycopodium combustion reactions)

1) What are the two reactants in this combustion reaction? Write down the chemical formula for one of the two reactants.

2) Was the chemical reaction Exothermic or Endothermic? What observation did you make in the Demo to determine that?

3) Using your lab demo notes, was all the reactants used up (i.e. reacted) when we reacted the Lycopodium powder in the spatula.

4) What caused the Lycopodium combustion to stop in the spatula, Explain?

5) What was the parameter that was changed to give the increased rate of reaction of the Lycopdoium combustion in the second part of the Demo? How physically was that accomplished in the lab demo?

Clock Lab - Concentration Change ([Rate of Reaction - Clock Lab Concentration change])

1. For this lab, what is the physical observation that determines rate of reaction?

2. Explain how this physical observation relates to the products make? Is it a direct (or indirect) proportion?
3. What were the results of the experiment? Did the results support what you learned in lecture about the effect of increase reactant concentration on rate of chemical reactions. (Answer in a sentence, not just "yes" or "no")?

4. Using the Kinetic Energy Diagram (and if needed lecture notes), explain why the experiment results supported or does not support your understanding of changes in reaction rate due to reactant concentrations.

Clock Lab - Temperature Change (Rate of Reaction - Clock Lab with Temp Change)

1) Same question(s) as Question 3 except you are using change of temperature data.

2) Same question(s) as Question 4 except you are using change of temperature data.

3) After "actually doing this section of the lab", is there any changes to the lab procedures that you think would provide more accurate/precise and/or ease of data collection? (Answer with a sentence not just "yes" or "no").

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