Real Gases And Other Gas Problems

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Read and take notes on Section 5.8 Real Gas (Pg220-224). Especially, need to know van der Waals equation for Real Gas and why there are corrections in this equation.

Read and take notes on Pg206-207 of AP book. This includes generating the gas in a chemical reaction first. See Molar Volume of Gas Lab.

Read and take notes on Pg216-218.

Read and take notes on Pg204. Look at Molar Mass by Volatile Liquid Lab.

Answers for Pg230 even questions:
24)508torrs and 0.668atm , 58) 0.587g/L , 70) 3.40E3J/mol at 273K and 6.81E3J/mol at 546K, 72) urms=493m/s at 273K and urms=493m/s

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