Lab Quiz A On Types Of Chemical Reaction Lab

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Using the lab data table and observations, answer the following questions/problems.

1a. In the Single Replacement section, you added hydrochloric acid (H1Cl1) to elemental metal zinc and a gas was formed? Give the chemical formula of the gas. _____________.

1b. What observation after you exposed the gas to a match did you observe to indicate it was that gas? _______________________

2. When you reacted magnesium with the air, what was the color of the product? ___________. What is the chemical name of the product? _____________________.

3. You heated up (decomposed) copper (II) carbonate. What was the gas that was produced and what did it do to the burning wooden splint (or match)?


4. In the Single Replacement section, you added a piece of Zinc metal to a test tube of Copper (II) sulfate solution. As you know from the Calculation section, one of the products is solid Cu. Besides the reddish/brown solid that forms around the zinc metal, what other observation that did occur that would indicate that solid copper is being produced? Support your answer with evidence from the lab data.

5. In the space below, show the complete balance chemical reaction including phases for when a solution of acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate are mixed together. Then show work to determine the net ionic reaction.

6. In the Double Replacement reaction section, what observation(s) did you make to be confident that one of the reactions product "no reaction"._____________________________________. In the space below, write the complete balanced chemical reaction including phase and show all work to determine Net Ionic reaction.

7. Write down the name and chemical formula for the two reactants in the double replacement reaction that produced CO2 gas.____________________________________, __________________________________
. Then write the complete balanced chemical reaction for this reaction. Following write down the Net Ionic reaction (do not need to show work here.

8. Rewrite the work for the complete balanced chemical reaction for Part II Question/problem #3 (that is the from the handout, 2022-2023 Honors Chem328 Questions for Types of Chemical Reaction Lab). Then determine the net ionic reaction from the complete balanced chemical reaction.

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