Objectives Of Chemical Reactions And Stoichiometry - Revised 2008

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Objectives of Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry - Revised 2008-09

Essential Questions (EQ3): Do and/or how do basic particles interact - Rearrange?

The student should be able to:(bolded number are MA Framework Standard numbers)

1. Recognize Synthesis,Decomposition,Single Replacement,Double Replacement (including Neutralization), and Combustion given a chemical reaction ([5.2])

2. Explain the significance of the coefficients of a balanced chemical reaction (number of particles, moles, and volume)

3. Balance chemical equations (by applying the law of conservation of mass)([5.1](5.1))

4. Calculate stoichiometric problems.([5.5](5.5)):
(Two Mole Wheels and the bridge between them, Molar Ratio.) Remember, that Mole wheel has mass, volume, # of particles (and sometimes Molarity for Solutions).

5. Predicting Products of Single Replacement reactions and Double Replacement reactions. In addition, determine the net ionic reaction from a complete chemical reactions (single and double replacement rxns)[7.7] (NOT FOR CP/level 2)

Things needed to be memorized (not for CP/level 2)

Things that will be given to you for test

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