Periodic Trends

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The Periodic Table is aligned so that there are periodic (known and constant changes) trends of several chemical and/physical properties of the element in the specific row of the Periodic Table (row are called Periods and Column are called Group or Family). For example, the 2nd and 3rd row of the Periodic Table has similar periodic trends.

There are 5 main properties that have these periodic trends and I added a sixth. In addition to the periodic trends as you go across a period (always traveling left to right), each property will have a trend going down a group (also called Column). So each property has specific trends going down a column and across a period.

The 6 properties are: Coulombic force (CF) (one that I added), Atomic radii/size (AR), Ionization Energy (IE), Electronegativity (EN), Metallic Characteristic (MC) and Ionic radii/size (IR).

As you will see/hear in the audio portion of the notes, I base all my explanation of the 5 periodic trends from the additional property I added (CF). The CF I am referring to is the pull of the nucleus on the valence electrons.

I developed these notes before there was You Tube or other ways of combining written (like Word), visual presentation (Powerpoint) and audio (Quicktime) all together.

So how do you use the following information (how to take notes on this information).

1. Print out or copy into your digital :Word" document Periodic Trend Notes for Powerpoint and write your notes in there

2. Open (if you want print out) the powerpoint presentation, [Periodic Trend Powerpoint Presentation], or if you know how to digitally write over it then do that.

3) With both of them "open", start the audio files in the order below (realize that each audio file are about 15min long so all three are a good 1-2 hours to do including taking notes). The file name indicates what trends are being discussed.

a. [Audiofile Periodic Trend Intro thru Atomic Radii]

b. [Audiofile Periodic Trend IE thru EN]

c. [Audiofile Periodic Trend IR thru MC]

[Blank Periodic Table] (Added after video notes were done, though maybe someone may want to use blank table as part of their notes). 2020 students can use the Updated PT found in your Material section of Schoology, there are better copies of PT

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