2022 Mole Calculation Graphic Organizer Review Questions

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You will use the Graphic Organizer you have developed for Mole calculations (will become or is part of Stoichiometry Graphic Organizer) to calculate answers to the following problems. Please remember to show all work include all numbers have units and units have chemical symbols (either formula or element symbols).

1. How many grams of Ammonium carbonate do you need to make a 724ml of a 0.612M Ammonium carbonate solution?

2) What volume of a solution do you need to make a 0.675M Aluminum carbonate solution if you have 4.54 grams of the solid.

3) What is the molarity of a solution if you have 43.5grams of Strontium acetate in a 1.76L solution?

1) 42.5g (NH4)2(CO3)1
2) 2.87E-2 L Al2(CO3)3
3) 0.120M Sr1(C2H3O2)2

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