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Equilibrium: Calculating Equilibrium Constant,K: (Knowing Equilibrium Info)

Procedures for Calculating any Equilibrium Constant Problem
Step 1 : Write down balanced chemical reaction
Step 2 : Determine and write down the Equilibrium Constant Expression (K=[products]E/[reactant]E) where E = Equilibrium conditions.
Step 3: Plug in and do math to solve for unknown. (3 Levels of Difficulty)

Level 1 : Simplest Difficulty

Level 2 : ICE Box without "x" (have one piece of information at equilibrium)

Level 3 : ICE Box with "x" (will not do in 1st year, but will in AP Chem)

Example 1
Calculate the Equilibrium constant for the following reversible reaction @25o:
2 NO(g) + 1 O2 (g) <==> 2 NO2 (g)
where the equilibrium concentration of NO,O2,and NO2 are 2.00M,4.00M,and 3.00M, respectively.
Step 1: Balanced chemical reaction. See question
Step 2: Write down Equilibrium constant expression:
K= {NO2 (g)}2 / {O2 (g)}1{NO(g)}2
But write it like this :

Step 3: plug in known information into Equilibrium constant expression directly since you know all equilibrium concentration.
K = (3.00M)2 / {(2.00M)2)(4.00M)1}
K=0.5625 = 0.563 (for K, we don't usually have units)

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