Review Handout For Atomic Structure And Electron Configuration

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Review for Atomic Structure and Electron Configuration Test

1. Dalton's Atomic Theory (4 parts)

2. Thomson's Experiment (electrons)

3. Explain Rutherford's experiment and how he came up with concept of nucleus:

4. Explain Bohr's Model of Atom including ground state, excited state, lower energy level, higher energy level and relationship between distance to nucleus of the electron and energy of electron:

5. Qnatum Mechanical Model, Charged Cloud Model, Modern Atomic Model

6. Using the Periodic Table, write out the list of subenergy levels from closest to nucleus (lower energy) to farther from nucleus (highest energy).


7. Three Rules for Filling Electrons into subenergy level (leave third rule blank)




8a. Define valence electrons and explain how you can determine number of valence electrons of an element

8b. Why is it important to know where valence electrons are located in an atom?

9. Write electron configuration and number of electrons for:

a. Fluorine

b. Zinc (does not have valence electrons)

c. Calcium

10. How many neutrons, electrons and protons (and show how you write it in symbols) in the isotopes:
a. Carbon-14

b. Chlorine-37

c. Zinc-67

11. Define atomic mass and calculate the atomic mass of sulfur (use the table I gave you):

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