Atomic Structure And Periodic Table

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Atomic Structure and Periodic Table: AP Book Sections
Overview of Atomic Theory and Periodic Table

Atomic Theory, 1st Year Chem Material

Atomic Structure, AP Material

Periodic Table, 1st Year Material

Periodic Table, AP Material

Section/chapter Homework

[Website that talks about Electron Configuration and Ions For example Zinc loses 4s electrons not 3d electrons to form zinc ions]

1. Look at 1st year Periodic Table section, specially [1st year Periodic Table Section]

2. [Mr. Ferwarda Objective/Notes for Chapter in Zumdahl]. He has downloadable objectives and notes for each chapter in the Zumdahl. You need to be focusing on History of Periodic Table and Periodic Trend. There is one Periodic Trend that is not in Chapter 7, it is Electronegativity. That is in chapter on Chemical Bonding.

3. The major trend that we did not study in 1st year is Electron Affinity so make sure you spend more time on that trend.

Website for Powerpoint on AP Atomic Theory and Periodic Table

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