Periodic Table

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Periodic Table Notes 1
Periodic Table Notes 2
Periodic Table Notes 3
[Periodic Trend Powerpoint Presentation]
Periodic Trend Notes for Powerpoint
[Audiofile Periodic Trend Intro thru Atomic Radii]
[Audiofile Periodic Trend IE thru EN]
[Audiofile Periodic Trend IR thru MC]

Homework for Coulombic Force Trends
Notes on Relating Periodic Trends to Coulombic Force
Periodic Trend Homework
Answers to Periodic Trend Homework
Review Homework for Periodic Table
Answers to Review HW for Periodic Table
Periodic Trends related to Coulombic Force Table
[Periodic Table Song by Mike Stanfill ""]
[Lyrics to Periodic Table Song by Mike Standfill ""]
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