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2018 - 2019 CP Chemistry 329

Year 2018-2019 Chem 328 Honors Chemistry Website

[Clean-up Song],HTML for Funky Symbols, [Relaxing Beach Video]

[Duxbury School Homepage], [X2 Portal Sign In Page], [Click here to go to Schoology Sign In Page], [Mr. McLeod Main Webpage]

[2018-2019 Link to iLab Attendance Google Form], 2018-2019 iLab Roster, [My google sign-in page]

Grading Group Work with DHS Collaboration Rubric

328 Chemistry Level 1 Introductory Information


Essential Question (EQ1): Are there any basic skills/theory?

Essential Questions (EQ2): Are there any basic particles?
Essential Questions (EQ3): Do and/or how do basic particles interact - Rearrange?

Essential Questions (EQ4): Do and/or how do basic particles interact - Stay same?

Modified for 2016-2017


Summer 2018
Summer Reading books, [Dempsy's Radical Inclusion Leadership Book link], [Friedman's Thank You for Being Late Book link]

Kelly's Employee Reimbursement info (MASS)

Links and Info for 2019-2020 Environmental Science Half year Course

Some Good Looking Links after Googling Sustainable Energy High School Curriculum

[Edpuzzle trial]
[CER - Claim Evidence Reason example]

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