2018 - 2019 CP Chemistry 329

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Year 2018-2019 Chem 329 College Prep (CP) Chemistry Website

Mr. McLeod's email account: tmcleod@duxbury.k12.ma.us (also can be found on Duxbury school webpage)

[Relaxing Beach Video]

[Duxbury School Homepage], [X2 Portal Sign In Page], [Click here to go to Schoology Sign In Page], [Mr. McLeod Main Webpage]

Grading Group Work with DHS Collaboration Rubric

[2018-2019 Link to iLab Attendance Google Form], [My google sign-in page]

329 Chemistry CP Introductory Information

2019-2020 CP Chemistry

2018-2019 CP Chem329 Chemistry



2020-2021 CP Objectives

Chem 329 Level 2 Homework 2006-2007


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